Halloween Art Contest


The Cortes Productions team is searching for inspiration, specifically a creepy creature design that will be used for our game project “Mogrimera: Disciple of Order”!

The design must be an abomination. It is an evil creature that is likely to attack the player if it happens upon them. This particular design should fit the aesthetic of the “Forest of Ghosts”, screenshots of this area can be found below.

To distinguish Abominations from Grimera their designs always follow this simple rule, they can be a creature or animal-like but it should not be “pet-like”. It can be humanoid or object-like too.

Design entries can be a single sketch, a full color reference sheet, or even a scene with a background. It must include a single enemy design as it’s focal point. Images that contain sexual content will be removed and have no chance of winning! Mild blood and gore is permitted but will probably be toned down if the design is chosen to be used for the (teen rated) game.


Join The Discord at… discord.gg/mogworld

Please post the pic in #halloween-creature-contest-pics. Collected images will have a heart emoji underneath of it. If you are unable to join, feel free to post the pic with the header “Halloween Contest” to… support@cortesproductions.org

This competition is open for all, no professional qualification is required. The winner will be judged on design, how unique the creature is, and how well it fits into the world of Mogrimera!


1st Place : Your creature will be recreated as a sprite, animated, and coded into the Mogrimera: Disciple of Order video game! You will be credited as the creature’s designer in the game’s credits. You will also receive $100 USD.

2nd place : Your creature will be referenced in Mogrimera: Disciple of Order as an Easter egg! This Easter egg could include posters, flyers or even conversational pieces referencing a  “big foot” legend that people reference! You’ll also receive $50 USD

3rd place : Your selected name/username (under appropriate guidelines) will be referenced in Mogrimera: Disciple of Order! This will show up among one of the larger gravestones in the Forest of Ghosts graveyard! You’ll also receive $25 USD.

The 1st-3rd place creature art will be posted to the Mog:World discord server, and preserved in the #showcase-of-fame channel with the creator credited, for it’s members to appreciate!

How the competition is judged, each submission will be verbally communicated via a panelist to judges.*So be concise and clear in the design!* We are doing this to be fair for all skill types, and giving everyone the ability to join and be judged with no bias.

ENSURE: No reposts, each submission will only be counted once! 1st – 3rd place winners of this contest must sign a Copy Right Legal Form. If the winners are under the age of 18 then a legal guardian must sign the agreement form. By entering this contest you are agreeing to the following…


This contest will go from October 2nd to October 28th! Where the winner will be announced on stream, and we’ll chat about how we plan, animate and sprite it to make it a reality!


Each contestant may submit up to two designs!


By submitting entry, the artist consents that it is their own original work and they have all necessary rights and permissions to use any included elements. The winners grants us, Cortes Productions LLC, the exclusive right to their design, including any modifications thereof, to be used in Mogrimera: Disciple of Order including promotional/marketing materials. Copyright permission can be granted by an entry 18 years of age and up. If below they it must be given by a legal guardian. Proof of age may be required.