About the company

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Get To Know Us

The people who make us amazing

Charles Cortes

Game Design Director

When I was growing up I had always dreamed about creating interactive experiences for others to enjoy. With self motivation I taught myself programming got a Bachelors of Arts degree and learned from many mentors on how to and how not to run an effective business. It may take little steps but I am more then proud to be a founding member of Cortes Productions, LLC.

Kristin Schaefer

Art Director

I have a passion for creating worlds and creatures to inhabit them! I earned my Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation in 2017, but I have practiced drawing and animating my whole life. Now I have a fantastic opportunity, as a founding member of Cortes Productions LLC, to craft amazing player experiences!

Contracted Work


While this company is small the skills inside it are overflowing. However, sometimes those skills may be lacking in areas such as sound design. To make sure we give a quality product, we find a skilled individual to help us. Rest assured these people share the same ambitions we do, and help us achieve our goals.

A Day At The Studio

We believe that when building an empire for everyone, it’s important to include everyone

This includes breaking down physical barriers such as distance. While our headquarter is in Madison, Wisconsin we thrive in the virtual world. Our daily life at the studio is getting up on time, making sure we are ready for the start of the day and logging on to our online communication tools in our home-made offices. Our communication is vocal and visual which helps us stay on track. Allowing us to get a first hand look what our other team members are doing, and answer any questions that will arise. We then break for a homemade lunch, or go out to a close by restaurant. Then regroup to finish the day strong before logging out and spending time with family and friends. While the workday hours may vary, rest assured we make it a point to hit deadlines and be reliable.

Job Opportunities

Cortes Productions is currently not looking to hire at this time.


If you are a talented individual who wants to help build the empire, contact us and show us what you’ve got! We may not be looking to hire now, but we keep stellar individuals in mind for future positions.


Thank you for your interest in Cortes Productions. For any inquiries, commission requests, or convention related requests please contact us today! We’ll be happy to respond.