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Welcome to the world of Mogrimera where nature, technology, and the supernatural combine into one diverse and incredible open-world experience! As a student from the Wizarding School of Order, you must complete tasks given to you by the faculty. Some tasks are difficult, some are incredibly dangerous! But thankfully you will not have to tackle them alone. Animal-like creatures called “grimera” can be recruited to assist you on your quests. Refine their skills in battle and work together to defeat the chaotic and cruel abominations that threaten this world and its creatures!

Making Friends... Literally!

Though not entirely understood by the Wizarding School, grimera are a subject of fascination to the wizards. With the power of alchemy, grimera can be created from special materials and bond to a wizard through a magic book. Without a partner, grimera are still surprisingly independent. Many wild grimera survive in the wilderness and on the outskirts of human settlements. These grimera have grown wary of wizards, but they can be persuaded to join a student’s team if the student battles and impresses the creature with their skill.

Mogrimera Skullark


Every grimera has an affinity for a particular type of magic. The natural world, technology, and destructive forces are all powers that the creature can tap into to cast spells. Every wizard should familiarize themselves with these types and understand each grimera’s strengths and weaknesses to use them more effectively in battle.

Mogrimera Mechanicat Pose


Commonly found in the presence of humans and their robots, machine grimera are built for survival in the steam-powered cities of the world. Unrestricted by biological limits, these grimera are energetic and capable of incredible feats of strength and speed. Their metallic bodies protect them from natural attacks but, like most machines, they can be worn down by the persistence of decay and fall into disrepair.

Mogrimera Fenrose Pose


Whether it’s plains or woods this type thrives in uninhabited areas. These grimera closely resemble their mundane animal counterparts, but with a heightened sense for the natural world and it’s potential. Their natural healing abilities can nullify the efforts of most decay type creatures, however, their slow and steady pace can be easily outmatched by the speed and raw power of machine grimera.

Mogrimera Skullark Pose


 Decay grimera haunt forgotten caves and dark woods. They are not always malicious, however, they can be incredibly creative when they do decide to do harm to another creature. Machine grimera fear them because even the strongest metal can be worn down and rust. However, destruction is just one step in the cycle of life and its damage can be undone by the incredible power of nature.

Mogrimera Neutral


Outside of the list of grimera species, there is a fourth type of magic. Neutral is unrefined, like a rock among gems, but it still has its uses. It has no advantage over other magical types, but it has no disadvantages either. Creatures that usually have this type are wizards, humans, animals, and some abominations.


Along with an affinity for a type of magic, the way a creature navigates the world is specific to its species.

Mogrimera Land


Strong legs and bountiful stamina allow land grimera to use less mana to move farther across the battlefield.

Mogrimera Water


Designed for life in lakes and/or the open sea, water grimera can cross deep water without fear of drowning.

Mogrimera Fly


Swooping and spiraling with graceful wings, air grimera can fly high above their grounded counterparts and reach secluded areas.

Residents Of The World

Likely to find an alchemical solution to almost any problem, wizards separate themselves from "normal" society to focus on their experiments and studies. Experience and knowledge are important to wizards, so young students are rewarded for their accomplishments with increasingly impressive ranks. They begin as "Starless", boring and unremarkable just like a dark and empty sky. Next, they become "Star" students, a testament to their shining achievements. The title of "Moon" is reserved for the most powerful wizards, they are intimidating and awe-inspiring just like their namesake.
The Faculty
Without the faculty, the Wizard School of Order could not function. Moon ranked wizards mentor the next generation by becoming teachers while the less decorated faculty clean the cauldrons, prepare meals, and stare menacingly at students as they pass by in the halls. But no one works harder for the school than it's founder, Headmistress Prudence. She watches both the staff and students closely, nothing happens in this school without her knowing about it.
"Which came first animal or grimera?" This has been hotly debated for some time. What we do know is that grimera are animal-like in appearance but sentient in the mind. With time, they can learn to speak and desire more than shelter and nourishment. They appreciate the company, conversation, are connoisseurs with a taste for flavorful foods, and more importantly powerful. Like wizards they control magic and each species can learn spells that complement their role on a team.
More than savage, abominations are corrupted creatures with disfigured bodies and volatile minds. Driven by pain, anger, fear, and other negative emotions they seek to destroy, confuse, or harm other creatures. They sometimes wander into human settlements, which encourages settlers to build better tools and robots to combat them. Abominations find that human lives are temporarily amuseming but the magically inclined draw them like a swarm of moths to a light.
Unable to control magic or command grimera to serve them, humans instead create tools and robots to protect themselves. Humans have survived in this world wrought with danger thanks to their ingenuity and powerful allies, but when that isn't enough they must turn to the wizards. Many humans do not trust the secretive "pointy hat wearing weirdos". Others are more accepting of the wizards and will work with them, but only if they get something return.
Originally created by the tech-savvy people of Penemdale City, robots are tireless servants armored by a hard metal shell. They make up most of the labor force and ensure that the steam and electricity-powered machinations of the city are greased, oiled, and running smoothly. Modern humans can hardly imagine life without them, especially since robots are their first line of defense against rampaging abominations.
Animals roam the lands, swim in the ocean, and fly in the sky alongside the grimera. They have simple needs: to live, eat, and make more of their kind. However, humans learned early on that animals provide resources and even companionship. Wizards are slowly catching on, some allow black cats to snooze in their study or owls to perch on their windowsill as they work.
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What's Next

There is so much to discover in the world of Mogriemra: Disciple of Order; explore the open world, befriend and command numerous grimera, strategize with your team, and battle the forces of chaos to earn the trust of the human population! With a strong art direction that inspires a retro 2D/3D aesthetic, this game provides a playground for the intrepid adventurer!

But be warned, your progress is being watched. Failure to complete your assignments on time will make detention sound pleasant compared to the consequences.

Coming When?

Coming to Kickstarter soon with a playable demo! Please follow us on Tumblr for further updates and posts.

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